Minion Baby Caring

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During the game for girls, the minions will not run, jump and act naughty. Instead, they will turn into cute babies. How to play Immediately after downloading, you have to choose which of the two yellow glasses will be a child. Looking ahead, we can say that the process of the game itself will not change from the choice. The passage consists of two stages. On the first of them, the character lies in a crib and demands to be looked after. If he is pleased, he laughs, if not, he cries loudly. What he needs – the game will tell you. But you have to wipe the drool, change the diaper and do a massage. The second stage is even more interesting for the girls as it offers to dress up the minions. It is necessary to try on the character everything that is in the wardrobe. I must say, the choice of things here is decent. They are available for free. When this difficult but fun business is over, you can admire the result, and then go through the game again with a different hero. Separately, it is worth noting that you do not need to download and install the game based on the Despicable Me cartoon. It is available online.

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