Moo moo io

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Multiplayer game "Moo moo io" is a popular survival simulator in the sandbox or sandbox genre. Every day it gathers from 20 to 500 people. After launch, a square world will appear on the screen, vaguely resembling Minecraft cubes. View of him in "Moo moo io" from above. You see the top of your character and the hammer he swings. The goal is to extract resources, build your own village and develop the economy. Having only one hammer in your hands, you can actively play Moo Moo io: cut down trees, collect food, process stones. From the very beginning, try to build not only industrial, but also security structures. Your village will be attacked all the time by militant creatures: zombies or other participants. It is important to prevent them from getting inside by destroying resource reserves and warehouses. Points are awarded for each rear erected in Moomooio. The leaderboard of the game can be viewed in the upper right corner of the screen. To control the character, use the letters WASD. There is no game mode for two in Moo moo io.

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