Paw Patrol Colour In

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If your kid loves the Paw Patrol cartoon and is fond of coloring, then rather launch this free online game for children aged 3-5 and have fun. On the pictures of online coloring pages, boys and girls of 3-5 years old are waiting for a meeting with their favorite fairy tale characters. The brave police officers have long dreamed of portraits that they can decorate the walls of the site, and now they hope that children 3-5 years old will be able to portray them beautifully. The game, designed for children from 3 to 5 years old, will offer an extensive collection of four coloring pages. The first to rely on the creativity of kids is a puppy of the German Shepherd breed – Racer. Behind him in line is the charming Skye, who prefers pink tones. Next comes the dog Rocky, followed by Zuma. At the bottom of the html5 game, young children, aged 3-5, will find a large selection of pencils, and on the right, an eraser. Kids need to choose the right color and start shading the image. All educational fun games are very simple, so kids 3-5 years old do not need the help of their parents to draw. According to experts, such games contribute to the development of motor skills of the hand.

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