Pixel Gun Apocalypse 3

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Online shooter "Pixel Gun: Apocalypse" invites you to an unusual world. Here everyone is busy shooting at each other. You can play in two modes: local and multiplayer. The second one is a hundred times more interesting, as it involves interaction with real users, of which there are always many. Pixel Gun: Apocalypse is a super popular game. At any time of the day on its three servers there is someone who wants to play. The goal of the process is clear without words – to survive and destroy as many other characters as possible. Points (HP) are awarded for them in the game. The more of them, the higher the player's rating. But few people manage to stay in the TOP leaders. The competition is so high that every half an hour the situation changes. The shooter has a chat where players communicate, team up, make plans to get rid of competitors.

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