Pool Ball

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Game Billiards for two will allow you to play an exciting match right on your computer. Billiards is an interesting game played by people all over the world. But in reality, it is difficult for a novice player to play it. But you have a great opportunity to play billiards with your computer. This chance gives you the game Billiards for two. From the name it is clear that this game can be played together. If you do not have a friend with whom you can hold a billiards competition, then you can fight with the computer. All control is carried out with the mouse. You need to point the cue at those balls that can fall into the pockets, and then hit them. When pointing the cue, approximate trajectories are displayed along which the balls will fly after the impact. This will allow you to choose the most correct strategy. If any ball hits the pocket, then you can hit again. If there are no hits, then the turn passes to the second player.

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