Puzzles For Kids

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This free online game for children 2-3 years old will offer a large collection of educational didactic puzzles. In addition to outdoor games, kids 2-3 years old need logical fun to develop thinking and intelligence, so puzzles are ideal, from the point of view of experts, for educating a future genius. Games allow children of 2 or 3 years old to form a holistic perception of an object, the ability to correlate part and whole, develop attentiveness, perseverance, and imaginative thinking. In this game, boys and girls of 2-3 years old will find a selection of puzzles of two themes: animals and fruits. To select the second option, you need to hold down the right mouse button and drag the screen to the left. In the animal games section, there are six different animals – wild and domestic. Click the side arrows to select a children's online mosaic. The image of a dog, cow, bunny will be divided into 6-8 fragments. On the playing field for hints, children aged 2-3 years are given a shadow. Move the elements on the outlines so that the drawing is formed. If a child of 2-3 years old does not succeed, help him cope with the task. This html5 game is adapted to mobile devices, so that children can play it not only for free, but also on gadgets.

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