Russian Train Simulator

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Train Simulator is a flash game, a unique representative of the puzzle genre. In the game, you have to control the switching of railway tracks and traffic lights, thanks to which you must avoid collisions of oncoming trains. On the playing field there is a main road and a siding where "extra" trains can wait for their turn. Train Simulator game requires several skills from the player. Like a chess player, you must make decisions quickly and plan ahead. The different speeds of trains and their unexpected appearance on the horizon complicate the player's task. Dense two-way traffic on one lane makes you think carefully about how to prevent a train accident, and how to make better use of free space on a siding. Good train driving simulation games are rare. This game is really well made. Pleasant visual design does not make the eyes tired. Mouse control does not take long to get used to. To change the direction of the train, just click on the rails in the right place, to change the traffic light, click on the traffic light. The red light temporarily stops the movement of the train, but do not forget that the next train can enter the standing train if the movement is not stopped in time. Scrolling the map is done by moving the cursor to the edge of the playing field. Train Simulator allows us to feel like a real driver, which few people can feel in real life. Each squad that passes without an accident brings you points, the more points, the more difficult the game becomes. Compositions appear more often, go faster, choose a sequence of movement that is not convenient for you. This feature of the game requires a constant concentration of attention on the gameplay from you. Train Simulator is not a simple game, it can get on your nerves, as you will not have time to control everything that happens on the playing field. This toy perfectly "kills" extra time. This flash game is suitable for children and adults.

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