Sea Battleship

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The Sea Battle game invites you to become the commander-in-chief of a real Navy. It is in it that you can show your talents as a naval commander and strategist. The toy was well known to our grandparents. Only they did not play on computers, but on pieces of paper in a box. A playing field measuring 10 by 10 cells was applied to the sheet, ships were placed and sea battles began. A real gift for fans of "intellectual" entertainment At the beginning of the game, you are given a playing field on which you need to place 5 ships: an aircraft carrier (it occupies 5 playing fields), a cruiser (4 fields), a frigate (3 fields), a submarine (3 fields) and a minesweeper (2 fields). Ships can be placed in any sequence throughout the playing field. Once the ships of your armada have been deployed, you enter the battle. Your opponent has placed his ships on the same field as you. It is on his playing field that you will fire shots. Choose a point and launch a projectile at it. If you miss and there are no enemy ships on this field, the turn passes to your opponent. But if you hit – you continue to shoot until the next miss. The game about mega exciting Sea battle ends if one of the participants has destroyed all enemy ships. This toy is a great way to train, because in Naval battle your opponent can be a computer. Such training will help prepare for fights with real opponents. Challenge your friends or even your parents to fight. Parents will definitely agree to play with you, because it's so nice to remember the games that you were fond of in your childhood.

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