Shimmer and Shine: Wardrobe cleaning

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During the game for girls "Shimmer and Shine: Dress Up" you have to take care of the images of cartoon girls. First you need to find suitable outfits and place them in a large basket. Then sort the clothes: send the dirty things to the laundry, and hang the rest in the closet. In addition to dresses, you will find shoes and jewelry on the screen. When you're done with sorting, you can move on to creating stylish looks for princesses from the cartoon world. Try on any elements of the wardrobe for the heroines, trying to achieve the most harmonious combination. Once you're done with one girl, move on to the next one. All things are available online for free, so there will be no problems when working with the image of Shimmer and Shine. To control, you only need a mouse, press it with the left button on an object, and it will immediately appear on the heroine.

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