Snail Bob 7 Fantasy Story

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The game Snail Bob 7 begins with the fact that one day, before going to bed, its main character decided to read a fascinating book about dragons and wizards. Well, and then it started ….. A little time passed, and Bob dozed off. Now his dreams are filled with mysterious secrets and fairy tale characters, he found himself in the very world he loved to read about. Thanks to the dreams of Snail Bob 7, you will be transported to the fabulous world of battles, kings, knights and evil dragons. You will find a fantastic story in which you will need to help Bob pass level after level. Each adventure of the snail is completely unique, and does not overlap with the other adventures of the hero in any way. You will have to jump, controlling the actions of the ward with the mouse, in order to climb onto a new platform and move on. Along the way, you need to collect shells, because it depends on how many points you get in the end. It features 30 interesting levels, new locations, dangerous enemies and surprises. Now Bob 7 can not only crawl, but also fly. Help the snail overcome all the puzzles and difficulties on his way.

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