Snail Bob

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Snail Bob urgently needs a new home! Help the kid find his way among the complex mechanisms in the game Snail Bob 1: Long way home. Gameplay Snail Bob is deprived of a roof over his head and reliable walls of his own house. Now he found himself face to face with a huge world controlled by various mechanisms. They can help, or they can turn into dangerous traps! No, Bob can't do it alone. You'll have to help him find a way to get to a new home! Moreover, from the side you can see much better which lever you should press to get to the right point. Fear and the desire to find a home drives Bob forward. You will have to think very fast in order to activate the mechanism in time and perform the exact action that is needed before Bob gets into trouble or is simply too late. Levers, moving platforms, springs, and moving walls are all in abundance in Snail Bob 1: The Long Way Home, so you'll have to think carefully about what steps to take and in what order. Be careful, because your wrong actions can lead to the death of Bob! Although after death the snail is reborn again at the initial stage of the level in order to play further, the process itself is hardly pleasant for Bob! Agree that few people will like to fall from a great height or spread like a green puddle under the influence of a cloud of poisonous vapor. So, let's protect the life and health of our friend in the shell! In addition, it's so nice: to masterfully show your skills and guide the snail through the entire route of the level without harming it in any way! Controls in the game Snail Bob 1: Long way home. The game is controlled with the mouse. You don't need to set the snail in motion: Bob really wants to find a home soon, which is why he runs forward completely on his own! However, if you need to take a little time out and force it to slow down, you can always do it by clicking on it with the mouse. You can also use the mechanisms with the mouse. Most of them are enough to click on, but some will have to be dragged or scrolled – in this case, there is always a hint near them. However, there are hints in this game for almost everything, so you definitely won’t get confused! After all, your task is to organize the movement of Bob from the starting point to the finish point of the level, and not to determine how which mechanism is launched.

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