Sniper Shot 3D

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The online game "Sniper shooting" invites you to plunge into the dangerous life of a hired killer. Try to complete all tasks. In the game, you act as a Stickman and serve as an assassin. First go through the training to prove that you are worthy of the rank of sniper. Approach the edge of the roof and try to hit two targets. Because of the wind, the sight floats all the time, which complicates shooting. Manage to shoot in the head, despite the interference. Then you, the sniper, will be assigned to kill the spies. There is darkness around, and the stick men are black, so it will not be easy to notice them. With each level of the game, shooting missions will become more difficult. You have to hit the driver in a moving car. And you need to do this in a matter of seconds, otherwise you will lose.

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