Snow Queen

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After launching the Snow Queen 1: Match 3 game, you will find yourself somewhere on the edge of Lapland, in the realm of the coldest of the fairytale rulers. One fleeting glance was enough for her to freeze all the animals in the Lapland forest. Deer, wolves, hares, foxes, owls – all turned into ice statues. Even the elves who happened to fly past were frozen in tiny icicles. Your task is to help the brave Gerda disenchant the victims. To do this, you need to assemble a puzzle of multi-colored ice fragments. Use the mouse to move the ice cubes around the screen so that you get lines of three or more identical elements. They will disappear, and evil spells will melt. Please note: Snow Queen Match 3 has a time limit. It only lasts two and a half minutes. If you manage to complete the task during this time, the frozen animal in the picture on the left will come to life and you can do the following. It is not necessary to wait for the process to finish. Move the icicles non-stop to different parts of the screen to save time.