Sponge On The Run Jigsaw Puzzle

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Sponge On The Run Jigsaw Puzzle is a large collection of puzzles based on the cartoon SpongeBob on the Run, in which you will collect pictures from 25, 49 and 100 parts. To start, press "Start" and the arrow. In the game you will find 12 puzzles about the adventures of SpongeBob and his friends on the run. Only the first one is immediately available. When you pass it, the next one will open and so on in order of priority. If you want an easier option, choose "Easy" for 25 parts. For medium difficulty, click "Medium" on 49. If you are ready for difficulties, select the hard level for 100 parts "Hard". Hold the left mouse button and move the fragments until you connect the Sponges on the Run photo.

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