Squad Defense

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The game Zombies against people takes you to a post-apocalyptic world where chaos, devastation and dreary hopelessness reign. Moreover, many thousands of creepy, half-decomposed dead continue to crawl out from hell itself to the tormented earth. The game Zombies against people in colors will show what it means to meet them face to face. Ready to be in the center of a real horror movie? And not only to appear, but also to join the battle with the monsters, as the Zombies against people game offers you. In this war, humanity has almost no chance of salvation, but you are its last hope, contrary to logic, objective reality and common sense. Do not let down the rare survivors who believe in you and hope for help. Prove to the creatures that "man – it sounds proud" and only he has the right to host on his native planet. Your goal: to gather together and lead the remnants of people and try with their help to clear the unfortunate planet from the invasion of former corpses. Despite all the horror of the current situation, the surviving people do not lose heart and wish to fight off the zombies at all costs, returning to normal peaceful life. To do this, the game offers a variety of options. Your task is to create people in time who will attack the zombies walking towards your shelter. They should not reach it, so they must be attacked in time! The crowd of zombies is constantly wandering towards its goal, and you should create more and more new warriors who will destroy the risen dead. Zombies vs Humans Game: Rules and Structure The game consists of several levels, and at first your options are quite modest. You can only create people with shovels, although they do a pretty good job of killing zombies. The process control panel is located at the top of the screen. It shows the units and buildings that you can create. Click on the corresponding image and wait for the allotted time. Once created, your people will fight the zombies themselves until they die. In order to create a warrior or build a building, you need to spend the amount of money that is indicated next to the image. Initially, you will have a certain financial amount on your account, and during the game it will be replenished, because for each destroyed zombie you will receive money. The level will be considered passed when all the zombies are destroyed. Zombies won't get through! The theme of the zombie apocalypse is common in horror films, and it's really scary. Disgusting monsters seek to destroy all life, but you will certainly cope with them, because you have at your disposal brave people who are even ready to die themselves, but save the world from the attack of the evil resurrected dead. As you progress through the levels, you will get new opportunities. Use them wisely, try not to spend all the money at once and at the same time create an army that can cope with the army of vile zombies. The main thing is to create people and buildings in time that will allow you to strengthen, so as not to miss a single zombie, who will be happy to break into your shelter and instantly capture it.

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