Star Wars Rebels Special Ops

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In the game Star Wars – The Clone Wars, Republic forces are about to launch an offensive against the Separatist army on one of the planets of the far perimeter. In order to ensure the safety of an attack in a given area, the clone scout must disable the radio tower. Help the hero overcome all the barriers of the Trade Federation droids on his way and complete his mission! Gameplay Enemy high, fly far! But this should not stop the clone: after all, too much is at stake. A failed mission is not only his personal death, but also the collapse of the entire operation, and therefore the inevitable victory of the trade federation. This cannot be allowed! So, you need to cast aside doubts and rush upstairs, to where the radio tower is installed. We must hurry! After all, not only time is running out, but the fate of the federation depends on you. On the way, you can rest – fortunately, such breaks on concrete walkways allow you to restore energy. One problem: often such sites are very unsafe! After all, extremely unfriendly droids are wandering around, no matter how they grab the blow of an enemy blaster here! In other matters, it is up to you to decide whether to rush into battle or wait until the enemy retires to a safe distance. Although often the situation leaves no choice but to fight for your life. Single guards can be easily hit by a laser beam. The main thing is to have time to do it before they shoot at you with a blaster. Sometimes there are too many clones. They literally surround the hero from all sides. In this case, it is wiser to give preference to special weapons. Luckily, your Jedi has a cannon that can shoot with a wide range – in several directions at once. Controls in the game Star Wars – The Clone Wars The game is controlled from the keyboard. You only need a few buttons! With the arrows "right" and "left" you can move the clone, respectively, to the right or left, the "up" arrow will make him jump. Remember to press the up cursor twice to jump high! Attack with a sword by pressing Space. You can shoot enemies with a blaster by pressing "X". To pass the level of the game, you have to cope with the mission. Each time you need to get to a certain point, killing enemies along the way and collecting the necessary items. Break the boxes along the way: you can find useful bonuses in them – protection and so on.

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