Super Doll Mission Accident Er

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The girl was caught in the pouring rain, and now she needs urgent medical attention. The process of playing for two Barbie will turn you into a doctor. First, take the heroine of the game to your office. where all the necessary tools are already prepared. Then you can safely begin the process of diagnosis and treatment. Detailed tips are constantly provided here, and you can easily navigate the variety of medical subjects. Choose exactly what you need at the moment, and perform the necessary actions. The girl will definitely be very grateful to you for the timely assistance provided and getting rid of the disease. There is nothing difficult in the game about a sick Barbie for two players, but it can captivate for a long time – after all, you won’t leave a sick girl in trouble. First you need to measure her temperature and carry out other diagnostic procedures, and after that you will have to carry out a direct treatment that will eliminate the common cold. The heroine of the game will be cheerful and cheerful again, and it's only thanks to you!

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