T-Rex N.Y

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The game Dinosaurs and Dragons tells the story of a mad scientist who created an incredible monster! As a child, the scientist was often bullied, and he planned to take revenge on all of humanity. Now he succeeded, because he created a huge dinosaur that can bring incredibly huge destruction to the world. Your task is precisely to control this monster and inflict maximum damage on different cities. In front of you is a map that displays all the locations that can be attacked at the moment. The game Dinosaurs and Dragons implies that you need to choose the area, and then proceed to destroy it. You need to destroy all the buildings that are present here, for this the dinosaur can use its paws or tail. Don't forget to also stomp on people and tanks that are trying to attack and kill the evil monster. For completing the level you will receive money, which can then be spent on improving your dinosaur. This will be very helpful for him!

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