Traffic Surgery

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The name of the game Operations on Humans sounds somewhat intimidating, like a title from some horror movie. And the medieval surroundings add drama. But don't worry. Actually, it's not all that bad. You have a minimal set of primitive surgical instruments and time until morning. It was then that the next battle would begin, in which the king wishes to see Captain Harold alive and well. Your task and the goal of the Human Operations game is to fulfill the monarch's will. This means that during the night you need to have time to get a huge sharp spike from Harold's right leg, sew up the cut, replace the crushed bone with an artificial one and disinfect the wound to prevent inflammation. Not only is there a lot of work to be done, the operation will be very, very painful for the patient. As you understand, in the conditions of a medieval war, it is simply impossible to talk about painkillers. All manipulations are performed, as they say, "on the live". Every second your ward risks dying: from unbearable pain, loss of blood, accidental damage to vital organs. Try to do everything possible and impossible to prevent his death and not to fly out of the Human Operations game yourself. Yes, the task is mega-difficult. But doable with a certain diligence and faith in one's own strengths. How to play? Using the mouse. With its help, point the cursor at your instruments or the patient's wound and perform the necessary manipulations. The accumulation of small white stars on the screen will tell you exactly what to do. We wish a successful operation and long life to your ward!

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