Twilight Sparkles Surprise Dance Party

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The inhabitants of magical Equestria do not get bored. Every day in the magical land of ponies something new and interesting happens. For example, today the main characters of the game Friendship is a miracle decided to arrange a real disco: they allocated a spacious hall for this purpose, decorated it with colorful ribbons, picked up incendiary music and …. started dancing so that only sparks flew from under the hooves. We invite you to keep them company, and at the same time train your own attentiveness and reaction speed. This is done simply: as soon as the first sounds of music are heard in the game, and the heroes of the friendship story begin to dance like a miracle, in the middle of the dance floor, pretty pictures “run” along three multi-colored paths: butterflies, flowers, stars. Your task is to have time to click on them to the beat of the music before they get to the end of the tracks. Each successful click will be accompanied by an approving green tick, and an unsuccessful one by a red cross. And, of course, the first should be much more than the second.

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