Two Punk Racing

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Racing 3D game for two is designed for those who love unusual and original competitions. Here you have to ride not in a traditional sports car, but in an SUV with huge wheels. Naturally, the track is not a standard racing track at all. You drive off-road, trying to overtake your rivals, who also move in jeeps. Before the start of the competition, you can choose an SUV for yourself, choosing one of four options. The game Racing 3d for two implies that during the race you can use the nitro function, which will allow you to go much faster. Of course, it is better to use it on straight sections of the track. But when cornering, you should be careful not to crash into the fence, otherwise this will lead to a significant decrease in speed and lagging behind opponents. And a strong lag should not be allowed in any way, because you probably want to become the winner of the competition!

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