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The Voxiom.io game is a cool multiplayer pixel io shooter that combines Minecraft, Fortnite and Call Of Duty, in which you are waiting for fights to capture gems (like a flag). On the main page of the game, enter the name of the hero in the upper box, select the region below (Asia, EU, America) and press the green button to find the match. Next, you will land on a parachute on the island of Voxiom io, where battles for survival are in full swing. Since you are defenseless with a shovel, run to look for a wooden box. Break it. The weapon will move to the inventory, which is displayed in the lower right corner. Each one has a number next to it. Click it, for example, "4" to take the push. Dig trenches, shoot enemies in "Voxiom io" so as not to fall victim. Follow the map to keep to the center of the location. If you fall into the pink zone of the game, you will die.

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