Zombie Dead Race

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The game Cars vs Zombies offers you to cope with the invasion of the living dead. Terrible news: a zombie apocalypse has occurred, and the streets are filled with zombies who are eager to devour living flesh. You have to drive through the streets in your car and crush zombies on the way. Your task is to drive as far as possible and destroy as many zombies as possible in order to get the maximum amount of reward points. Using these reward points in the future, you can purchase improvements for the car, making it even faster and more powerful. But you can’t collide with other cars and other obstacles, because this will lead to damage to the car. When the damage level reaches critical, the car will explode and the game will end. The Cars vs Zombies game offers several levels to play, and each of them is good and interesting in its own way. You can choose any level for yourself to fully enjoy car hunting for creepy zombies.

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