Zombie Mission 3

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The plot of the exciting Zombie game for two will appeal to all fans of horror, fantasy and dynamic action movies. Download it if you are sure that you will not be scared, and after that you will not nervously look askance at every dark corner in the apartment. Keep in mind, Zombie games for two are an explosive cocktail of horror, adventure and creepy monsters. Even a couple of minutes of playing Zombies for two will make your heart beat faster. Become a member of the Zombie game for two if you need a fresh dose of adrenaline. We promise you will get it in full, enough for a long time. The plot of the game Zombie for two Imagine that you are in the very center and the height of the apocalypse. Yes, yes, the end of the world may well look like this. And even though the idea of attacking the Earth of all kinds of monsters and monsters is not new, and has been repeatedly embodied in life by artists, filmmakers and writers, believe me, it does not become less scary from the consciousness of this fact. Moreover, there is a difference, and a significant one: to watch the development of events from an easy chair of a cinema, nibbling popcorn and washing it down with cola, or rushing across a deserted field with a rifle in their hands, realizing that there is no one to save humanity except you. And it doesn't matter that the field, and the rifle, and the monsters are virtual. The developers of the game Zombie for two did their best and organized for you the full effect of presence. We promise that in a few seconds you will forget that you are playing on the computer, plunging headlong into the bizarre ups and downs of the plot. Opportunities and features The beauty of the Zombie game for two is that you can play alone (you are for people, your PC is for monsters) or together with your best friend. Two, of course, more fun, but one will not be bored. You will have many opponents. These are vampires, and zombies, and werewolves. Agree, not a very attractive company. Humanity will only breathe a sigh of relief when you destroy them all to the last. The toy has wonderful graphics and a large field for maneuvering. At your disposal is a whole map with marks in the areas captured by vile creatures. The main goal of the game is to gradually, competently managing the army of people, to free land after land from monsters. Rules of the game Zombie for two To begin with, it is worth carefully studying the map and the principle of the deployment of enemy forces. Territories occupied by vampires, werewolves or zombies are marked with the corresponding icons. Then think carefully from what place it will be more profitable for you to start the offensive. There is a lot of work to be done: twenty-seven territories must be reconquered. For each victory you will receive all the gold of the liberated land. It is necessary to maintain the army in a combat-ready state: buying new ammunition, weapons, vehicles and other needs of your soldiers. By the way, the soldiers themselves can also be purchased. Not a bad option, right? Territories freed from monsters are marked on the map with the image of a person. To make it easier for you to think of an offensive strategy, do not forget to study the information in the upper right corner of the game screen. There you will find a description of the piece of land on which the battle is currently taking place: what part is occupied by enemies, what weather conditions await you, what nasty things the enemy is preparing. With this option, the developers of the Zombie game for two did their best – the "chip" turned out to be very convenient. On the left side of the screen, information will appear on how much gold can be obtained as a result of the conquest of a particular land, and what can be purchased for it in the virtual ammunition store. Control Convenient and quite common in this kind of games: the arrow keys. Use the Z button to activate strength and morale. If you want to take a break and pause the game, press P. If there are two players, the second player can use the WASD buttons to control his characters, and the number 2 key to activate strength. Despite the fact that the players will have to use the same keyboard at the same time, they will not interfere with each other, since the control buttons are located at a sufficient distance. Do not trust? Rather invite a friend to visit and download the game.

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