Zombie Mission 4

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The game for two Zombie 4 (Zombie Mission 4) invites you to become a real strategist and conquer other people's territories. Here you need to create your own zombie army, which will resist the enemy army and take over the territories. At the beginning of the game, you will see maps where all the plots are marked and belong to different owners. Your task is to ensure that the entire territory belongs exclusively to you. The game for two Zombie 4 implies that a computer or a real player can act as an opponent. In any case, you need to carefully develop a strategy to destroy all members of the opponent's army. You need to create your soldiers in those places where they can easily destroy enemies. Each unit of your army has special characteristics, so think carefully about your actions and choose exactly those soldiers who can help you at the moment. The territory will belong to you if you can get rid of all rivals in the location.

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