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"Zuma: Revenge" is an unusual interpretation of the classic oriental puzzle with a frog shooting colorful balls. The online game consists of several levels with different locations and difficulty of passing. With each new stage, playing "Zuma: Revenge" becomes more and more difficult. The goal remains the same as in the traditional "Zuma Deluxe" – shoot a chain of colorful balls moving across the screen until it completely disappears. Three and more balls of the same color, being near, disappear.If at least one of them "leaves" the pursuit, the ancient stone monster will devour the frog, and the game will end for you.There are three attempts to complete one level.If you use them all, but you do not pass the stage , you have to start from the very beginning.It's good that the toy is open for free and you can restart it countless times.Special mention deserves the graphics of the puzzle.An insanely beautiful fairy-tale world with traditional oriental elements awaits you.

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