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Our games are fun and colorful, they were not bored.

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Spider Solitaire (NEW!)

Passion Solitaire many come with familiarity with the computer. Indeed, by pressing the Windows Start button, we somehow met with Minesweeper and Solitaire Klondike. Since then, little has changed, we love to lay Solitaire continues.


Tom and Jerry

Poor Jerry - he is so hungry that he went to search for a cheese even asleep! Help him to have a snack and to get home safe.
Make a way through the room with the help of cheese-arrows. You have to collect as many peaces of cheese as possible and to get home then.


Super Mario

If at the time you spend hours chasing a plumber Mario on his "Nintendo" or "Dendy", the remake will undoubtedly affect the most delicate strings of your soul.
The new Mario includes many bug fixes, enhancements and options. 7 additional music tracks and top-secret level - for dessert.


Zuma Deluxe

Zuma Deluxe - is a fascinating hybrid of shooters in the style of the Maya, which requires both instant response and precise aiming movements, as well as intelligence, logic, ability to monitor the situation on the whole playing field. Intrigued? Then read on!



KChess Elite - Program for playing chess. For convenience, you can customize almost everything: color, size and shape of the figure, size, coloring and texture of the chess board (no texture, granite, marble, wood), Language, control panel and fonts.


Battle City

Battle City - The game includes elements of strategy, tactics, and arcade. Opponent pushy, impudent and ruthless. The task of the player (s) at any price to protect their staff and fully crush the enemy. The game contains dozens of levels, and for the brave players and several categories of difficulty.



Luxor - the game of the same type as that of Zuma Deluxe. But not the same ... If you shoot quite quickly, you usually have time to get rid of one portion of balls before rolling out another. And the "shooter" now sits in the center of the screen, and the type of racket breakout moves along the bottom edge of his ... The level ends when the bar at the bottom of the screen will be golden.


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