Baby Hazel Fancy Dress

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It's time to have a great party! New games about baby Hazel will give you all the possibilities for this. And do not think that caring for small children is a tedious duty of older brothers and sisters. The plot of the game Baby Hazel new games will show you how exciting and fun taking care of children can be. After all, little crumbs are always a sea of \u200b\u200bpositive. Thanks to the new game about baby Hazel and her friends, you will plunge into it with your head. And if you don't have any younger brothers or sisters yet, our entertainment is a great opportunity to find out how you would cope with them. Hazel's new games invite you to help the girl get ready for a festive celebration, during which all the kids will be in costumes. Such events are very popular with children, and Hazel is no exception. The girl will be happy to prepare for the holiday, and you have to help her with this. To do this, use all the proposed game features, following the detailed prompts that often appear on the screen. Basic Rules The game begins with Hazel sitting on the couch and feeling bored. She tried to watch cartoons, but she was terribly tired of them. Switching channels, the girl sees a chic peacock on the screen and understands that she wants such a costume. After that, in a new game about Hazel, you will see the baby's mother, who carefully listens to her daughter's wishes and decides to help her. And now the two of them go to the store to buy everything they need. You also have to become Hazel's assistant for a while and do everything so that in the end she gets the coveted suit. Like all other new Baby Hazel games, this game means that you need to provide the girl with all the items that she asks for. These very items will be displayed in a cloud above the baby's head, and you will only have to find the appropriate attributes in the space surrounding her and give it to her. Sometimes you will have to move Hazel herself if she suddenly wants to go somewhere. In any case, all the wishes in the game should be fulfilled as quickly as possible so as not to upset the baby. Yes, if you decide to play the new game about Hazel, then you have to carefully monitor what is happening on the screen. If there is a delay in completing tasks, Hazel will be upset and probably even burst into tears. And in no case should this be allowed, because only if the girl is in a good mood can you get prize points. Time is limited! Please note that the time allotted for each stage of the new game about preparing Hazel for the holiday is strictly limited. Therefore, delay will not only greatly upset the baby, but also ultimately lead to a loss. Therefore, try to respond as quickly as possible to all Hazel's requests, fulfilling her wishes in a timely manner. In the end, the costume must be created, and exactly the way the girl wanted, and she herself must have fun in it at the children's party. Only this (and no other!) result you have to achieve in the game, consistently completing all its tasks. Great game in the company of a cute girl The toy is very exciting and you can have fun entertaining baby Hazel. Management in it is not difficult: in order to perform any action, you only need a computer mouse. Just grab the necessary items with her and hand them to Hazel, and then she herself will figure out what needs to be done. Your main task is to complete tasks as quickly as possible, manage to meet the allotted time and not lose. At the same time, do not upset Hazel, because this will prevent you from getting bonus points. The mood scale of the heroine of the game is located at the top of the screen, there is also a timer, thanks to which you can always find out how much time you still have left. A new game about baby Hazel will give you a lot of bright emotions, you can visit a charming little girl at her home, in a store, at a party, etc. Hurry up and launch this wonderful game to prepare a bright peacock costume with Hazel for the upcoming event.

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