1001 Arabian Nights 2: Aladdin And The Magica Lamp

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The game "1001 nights in three rows" was created based on the famous collection of Arabic fairy tales "A Thousand and One Nights". In it, you will help Scheherazade entertain colorful Arabic stories of the powerful Sultan. Each level of the game corresponds to one chapter of the fairy tale. For example, on the first one you need to get three golden keys that open an old chest. The keys are hidden in the field, which is full of other items. Your task is to swap adjacent elements so that the keys go down. As soon as they touch the bottom edge of the field, the level will be completed. At each stage of the game it is proposed to collect different items. But the principle remains the same – they all need to be lowered down. Starting to play online Match 3 1001 Nights, do not forget to keep track of the time. Exactly two minutes are allocated for the passage of each level.

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