1001 Arabian Nights 3

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The game "Three in a row: Arabian Night" will take you to the distant past, where the beauty Scheherazade told fairy tales to the harsh Sultan at night. The task is to help the girl bring the story to the end. To do this, you need to solve ingenious arabian puzzles according to the number of chapters in history. As you know, Scheherazade told her fairy tale for exactly 1001 Arabian nights, so it will take a long time to play "three in a row". At each level, you need to collect from scattered fragments an object related to the story from the Thousand and One Nights. It can be a dagger, an old jug, a shepherd's horn, etc. Parts of the item are on a square field, surrounded on all sides by other chips. It is necessary to swap adjacent parts so that the desired fragments gradually fall down. As soon as they reach the lower edge of the field, the desired item will appear on the screen, Scheherazade will continue his story, and a new level of logic game will open before you. When you play Match 3 Arabian Night, pay attention to the magic ball in the lower right corner. As soon as it starts to change color and shimmer with different shades, click the mouse. A pleasant surprise awaits you.