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Agario's game has the simplest rules, but has received recognition from gamers around the world. Now you can immerse yourself in the exciting adventures of gluttonous balls. At the beginning of the game, you will get a small ball that you need to feed and grow. Eat the colored elements scattered all over the place to grow. Beware of other players, especially those who are bigger than you, because they can gobble up your balloon without any problems. In this case, your life in Agario will end. The game implies that you will also grow and eat balls belonging to other gamers. If necessary, you can divide your ward into two parts by pressing the spacebar. At the same time, do not get caught by larger characters, because after eating one part of you, they will eat the other. Everyone who will play Agario will see green bushes on the screen. You can hide behind them, but you can only do this if the bush is bigger than you. If the bush is small, it will break your ball into many small parts.

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