Angry Shark Online

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The killer shark game invites you to control an evil, but rather charismatic fish that seeks to destroy everyone around. The shark constantly swims under water, where you can profit from fish, squid and other sea creatures. Of course, you should not miss the opportunity to gobble up a gaping swimmer or scuba diver. But its main prey is above the water. Yachts, ships and other equipment constantly float there. There are a large number of people on them, which means that the shark can eat well. Killer Shark Game: Rules and Structure You are invited to swim forward and only forward, directing the shark to the obstacles that arise in front of you. For each destroyed target you will receive bonus points. The main task of the game is precisely to score as many points as possible. And the most delicious objects that can bring a record number of bonuses to your account can be found not in water or even on it, but in the air. To do this, the shark needs to jump in time and grab an airplane, an airship or even a spider-man with its teeth! Killer Shark game provides tips that allow you to react in time and emerge from the water to capture the target. And a slot machine will periodically appear on the screen, which can also bring a certain amount of bonus points. To get them, you need to have an image of a shark on the reels of the machine. This will bring winning points! Otherwise, you will not get anything, but it does not matter, because points can be earned in another way.