Aqua Blitz

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The online game "The Little Mermaid: Match 3" invites you to become a member of an exciting adventure. You have to sink to the seabed and help the youngest daughter of King Triton save her lover from the spell of the witch Ursula. It is necessary to destroy the spell laid out by the sorceress on the magic board of precious stones. While the treasures are on it, the prince is under magical spells and he does not even think about the little mermaid yearning at the bottom of the ocean. But if you break the spell, he wakes up and remembers the girl. Hurry up and start playing match 3 logic underwater puzzle game for free if you want to help the Little Mermaid. To break the spell, you need to collect gems on the screen in one-color lines of three or more elements. They will disappear, breaking Ursula's sorcery and earning you bonus points. Puzzle time is limited, but additional seconds are awarded for each chain of four or more elements. If you act correctly, the game can last indefinitely or until the prince completely gets rid of evil spells.