Archery Blast

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Archery game invites you to visit Japan, where you can perfectly practice your accuracy. In this game, you control a man who has a bow in his hands. And nearby there are a large number of targets that need to be shot down with arrows. Archery game implies that you just need to aim, pull the string and release it. This will cause the arrow to fly in the right direction. For each hit you will receive bonus points. The game consists of several levels, and the goal of each stage is to knock down all the targets. Naturally, at each subsequent level the game will become more difficult, the number of targets will increase, new types of them will appear. For example, already at the second level you will see moving targets, which are much more difficult to hit than ordinary ones. Therefore, you need to apply all your accuracy skills in order to still cope with the targets located in the current location. Don't miss a single target!