Barbie Summer Styles

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A good opportunity to try on the role of a fashion couturier. And at the same time the owner of a popular fashion magazine. As well as a stylist, makeup artist, hairdresser and nail art master. Yes, yes, our Barbie dress up games are so versatile that they will give you the opportunity to try your hand at each of the mentioned fields. What do you think, maybe this is the secret of their incredible popularity among girls all over the world? The goal of the game is simple: you have to prepare Barbie for a fashion shoot. Who will be the best model in the world? Of course, my favorite doll. During the Barbie Dress Up game you will have a lot of fun and will be able to try on your favorite outfits! But the beauty of Barbie Dress Up is not limited to fashionable clothes – make-up, shoes, hairstyles and much more are at your service! Of course, she is already beautiful, but with your help she will become the first lady of the universe! Feel like a make-up artist Our game, like any real preparation of a model for shooting, begins with the imposition of a professional make-up. First of all, you will need to choose the skin tone that best suits Barbie's eyes and hair. Since she is blonde, we would advise you not to get carried away with a tan, but to give preference to a transparent milky white shade. If you want to change her hair color to darker, then the skin can be made a little darker. Unusual exotic colors of curls (blue, green, bright purple) look very original, but completely neutralize any, even the most original and sophisticated costume. Therefore, if you decide to make the main focus of the image on the hair, do not forget that all its other details should be an order of magnitude more modest and simpler. Feel like a designer Barbie has a perfect figure, which provides your imagination in the game for girls Barbie Dress Up unlimited scope for flight. Any styles and styles suit her, everything “sits” flawlessly and looks just as flawless. No “bad legs”, funny ears or a wide waist will have to be hidden. In real life, this almost never happens, even among models, so enjoy it while you can. When choosing clothes for shooting in the game Barbie Dress Up, you will have to be guided only by personal aesthetic preferences, the wishes of the stylist, the intended color scheme for the future cover and the emotion that you would like to convey through the costume. Remember that romantic dresses with bare shoulders and ruffles give the impression of tenderness, the same dresses with high heels and fantasy tights turn into a glamorous evening option, denim items with multi-colored T-shirts and low-cut shoes create a feeling of freshness and freedom, classic trouser suits speak of restraint and elegance. Feel like a stylist A harmonious, eye-catching image in the photo is 80 percent the merit of the stylist. It is he who brings together all the components of the photo: the appearance of the model, outfit, accessories, cover, decor elements, and so on. It depends only on him whether the picture will acquire integrity and completeness. When shaping the image of Barbie during this dress-up game, remember that it must simultaneously solve three important tasks for girls: emphasize the beauty and personality of Barbie herself, match the color and style of the overall cover layout, and harmonize with the accessories worn by the model. It is precisely the latter that you, as a stylist, will have to pay maximum attention to. The color of tights, the style of shoes, rings, brooches, bracelets, necklaces and bags – there are no trifles in creating a stylish fashionable picture. All of the above should be in harmony with each other, and with the dress itself. In addition, when choosing accessories, one should not forget about the color of the skin, hair and eyes of the model. On dark skin, jewelry made of large multi-colored plastic looks especially advantageous, on pale skin – more “noble” metals: gold, silver, pearls. Earrings are almost invisible under loose hair, and if you want to focus on them, choose a hairstyle in which the face, neck and ears will be as open as possible. Feel like the owner of a magazine Your model in Barbie Dress Up, a free game for girls, is finally ready to shoot: her make-up is flawless, her hair is perfect, her outfit is chic and her smile is dazzling. It remains a little: to take high-quality photos and come up with a layout for the cover of the latest issue of the Star Sue fashion magazine. The photographers have already set up their cameras, but in the meantime, you can work on the cover: change the background, font and color of the titles, design the title itself. I think it has already become clear that lovers of fashion and style will definitely like this fun. It is simply impossible to convey in words all the charm of Barbie Dress Up game for girls! Dive into the world of the best outfits, adorable hairstyles, dainty shoes, sophisticated makeup, flashy lights and the glitz of social life in the Barbie Dress Up game for girls!

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