Barbies New Car

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After launching the Barbie racing game, you will turn into a truck driver who delivers goods to a specified location. Your task is to bring the issued goods safe and sound to the finish line. But it will not be so easy to do this, because a dangerous track with a huge number of bumps awaits you. It is necessary to try to maintain balance so that not a single valuable package falls to the ground. More precisely, several items can be lost, but the specified amount must be delivered, otherwise the level will not be considered completed. The racing game for girls with Barbie has several levels. With each subsequent gameplay will become more difficult, and you have to try hard to complete an important mission to deliver goods. Do not forget that you have a limited time to complete one stage, and you need to complete the task on time. But while maintaining high speed, it is important not to get into an accident, otherwise you will have to go through the level again.

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