Batman Shadow Combat

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In this online game, Batman is on a dangerous mission, and he needs the help of gamers to do it brilliantly. The game is designed in the action-packed action-action genre, so you are waiting for terrorist threats, fights with gangsters and many other dangerous adventures. As soon as night descends on the city, Batman, under the cover of darkness, goes to patrol the streets, because it is at this time that the worst criminals come out to hunt victims. Today, Batman received a message that the Joker is going to stage a massive terrorist attack in Gotham. The villain in the lab created a series of laughing gas projectiles to spray around the area. To keep this a secret, the criminal hid the bombs in warehouses in the catacombs for underground utilities. Hurry up with Batman in the dungeon game and thwart the Joker's plans to save Gotham. Infiltrate the protected area unnoticed in the game and defuse the bombs. If the superhero is spotted, an alarm will be raised and the Joker will flee with a weapon of mass destruction. To instantly hide from the enemy, use Batman's ability to become an invisible shadow. Fight the guards in the game, collect golden badges and black bats along the way: you can launch shurikens at the guards.

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