Bomb It 2

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Funny and dangerous kids-bombers invite fans of the popular arcade to the next war game in the free online game "Blow It Up 2 for 2". Gamers are waiting for a lot of options for military operations, which can be played alone or for two with a friend. Immediately choose the number of players, for example, for two. Then set the game mode. There are 4 of them in total. The first is the classic arcade game “Blow It Up 2”, in which you will run through the maze and blow up other robots. In the second "No Bombs" you need to defeat the enemy with any other type of weapon (except bombs): guns, hammers, lasers. The third is a walker for collecting gold coins. And the fourth is “Colored tiles”, in which you need to cover the maximum territory with your color. Next, in the Blast It 2 game for two, you need to set the number of opponents, the difficulty level and select a map. 1st moves "WASD", lays mines with "Space". The 2nd controls the "Arrows", attacks "Enter". Come play and blow up this fabulous world!

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