Bomb It 3

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Ready to arm yourself with bombs and smash to smithereens anyone who meets on the way? Then it's time to throw a fun war game in the free online game "Blow it up for two" in Russian. In part 3 of the arcade, fans of strategies and shooters will be able to shoot from various weapons (flamethrowers, lasers), drive vehicles, play not only robots, but also people. If you don't have company, fight PCs. And if you intend to fight with a friend, then the game "2 blow it up 3" will delight you with a wide selection of locations and modes for fighting for two. You can try to blow up all the enemies in the Arcade, or excel in wielding different types of weapons in the Cool Showdown. Or pick up a water cannon and try to push 10 sheep or opponents off the playing field with jets of water. It will also be interesting to play Blow It Up 3, which combines racing with gunfights. Plant bombs and blow up competitors for two or alone.

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