Bomb It 5

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Militant bombers invite their like-minded people to smash the next labyrinths with explosives in the free online game "Blow it up for two for two". Military madness is going on in the world of bombermen: aggressive robots howl for bonuses, treasures, territories. If you are the same lover of war games, then hurry up to break away for glory with weapons in your hands. Bomb It 5 has modes for every taste. When there is no one to keep company or you want to practice your combat skills, you should go to battle with virtual bombers against the computer. And if you want to find out the relationship with a friend, then welcome to the battlefield in the version for two. An additional advantage of the 5th part of the “Blow it up” arcade is the Russian language, thanks to which everything is clear. It is proposed to play in 4 modes with a variety of missions. For example, to destroy enemy bombers, collect coins, conquer the area. But the essence of all games remains the same: you need to plant bombs and blow them up to eliminate rivals. Playing “Blow It Up 5” for two will, of course, be much more exciting and fun, because you will have to fight in the game with a real opponent.

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