Bomb It

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If you love to fight and skillfully handle bombs, survival mazes await such brave souls in the free online game "Blow it up 9 for two". In the world of baby robots, a military conflict has flared up again. The inhabitants armed themselves with explosives and went to conquer territories and valuable artifacts. Launch the mode for one or two players and show off your fighting prowess on a merciless front. Also, in order to start playing Blast It 9, designed for two, you need to select the difficulty (easy, medium, hard) and one of the four bombers. So that gamers do not get confused, the bombs in the game are multi-colored. In part 9 of "Blow it up" you will find yourself in the fairy kingdom of shorties. The maps of the game are randomly generated, so the locations are different all the time. Make bookmarks from bombs to blow up hemp, mushrooms, blocks and get bonuses. Create traps to eliminate opponents with an explosive wave.

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