Classical Rabbit Hunting

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The hunt is calling, the hunt is beckoning… Hare hunting game is the best option for those who really want to shoot. In this game you go to the forest to hunt. Of course, you won't forget your well-aimed gun that kills animals with one shot. The game Hare Hunting offers to hunt hares, and it is these fast animals that you have to shoot today. Just imagine, you are sitting in ambush with your mega cool gun, and bunnies are running in front of you. Moreover, they run really very fast, and you need to have time to shoot them before they disappear into the unknown. The game of the hare: rules and structure In essence, the game of the hare consists of a single level. You just shoot rabbits for a certain amount of time, and then your points are calculated. Naturally, the more points you get, the better. At the same time, your hits are counted, that is, shot hares, as well as shots-misses. You should make as few misses as possible and try to hit only hares, especially since they die from a single shot. Of course, in order to score a normal number of points, you need to have a quick reaction and not be distracted by extraneous objects. All your attention should be focused on the game, and not a single bunny should run past you and your gun. Feel like a real hunter by testing the game on your computer!