Cleo De Nile Real Haircuts

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Girls always remain girls, even if they are real monsters. They, no less than you, want to be stylish and beautiful. And what style and beauty can we talk about without a fashionable hairstyle? It is she who is the final touch of any image. Just you will need to create it according to the rules of the Monster High Barbershop game. Imagine yourself as a super famous master of a prestigious beauty salon, which Cleo De Nile came to see. You can do whatever you like with her long hair: cut it, dye it in different colors, straighten it or, conversely, curl the strands with small and large curls, decorate with hoops, hairpins, elastic bands. In general, let your imagination run free and do whatever you want. Moreover, monsters have a specific taste: the more crazy and out of touch, the more they like it. Do not trust? Come up with the most original and creative hairstyle you can, bring it to life in Monster High Hair Salon and admire Cleo De Nile's satisfied smile.

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