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Do you love cherry cupcakes? Learn how to cook them yourself in the new game Cooking Yourself: Cherry Dessert! A cupcake is a small sweet cake that is so small that it could fit in a cup – hence its name: "cap" – a cup, and "cake" – a pie. There is no more need to cut pies and choose the most delicious piece: now everyone who is sitting at the table can serve their own, individual portioned cupcake for tea! Thanks to their miniature size and amazing taste, cupcakes are becoming increasingly popular. Now you will not find a single cafe or coffee shop where you would not be offered the most delicate cupcake for dessert with a cup of aromatic coffee or tea! But after all, going to a cafe every time to taste your favorite dish is too expensive. So, we will have to learn how to cook an exquisite delicacy ourselves! Moreover, making them is not at all difficult, but, on the contrary, it is very fun and exciting. Sarah in her kitchen easily and naturally reveals the secrets of culinary art! I follow her advice in everything, and you will get perfect, tender and very tasty cupcakes very quickly! Use your mouse to mix, beat, bake – and hurry up to meet the allotted time! After all, a hungry family is already knocking with spoons in anticipation of dessert.

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