Cut The Rope 2

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The game "Om Nom 2 yum" is dedicated to the adventures of a funny green monster. He is very fond of sweets, and you have to feed him with candy, just like in the entire Cut the Rope series of games. The candy is hanging on a string, and you need to cut it in such a way that the delicacy goes straight into the character's mouth. After he eats, a new level will open, and you can continue your journey. Use various add-ons during the gameplay to complete the task. For example, a soap bubble will help lift the lollipop up. Also often come across balloons that you can click on. The air flow from them will direct the lollipop in the right direction. But beware of the spikes, because if the lollipop touches them, it will fall and break, which will greatly upset Om Nom. When you play the online game "Om Nom 2: Cut the Rope" for free, do not forget to collect stars. Doing this is optional, but desirable. Stars make your time even more fun, making it easier to earn points and unlock new levels. Locations look like boxes, inside of which the game with Om Nom is played. Opening each card "costs" a certain number of stars.

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