Cut The Rope Magic

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The online game "Om Nom: Magic" is dedicated to the adventures of a funny frog. In it you will have to use intuition to the maximum. The task is to guess which of the bowls the frog is under. Three such bowls will appear on the screen, and the frog will hide under one of them. Then the containers quickly change places, and you just have to carefully monitor the process. When it is over, indicate the bowl under which Om Nom is sitting. If there is a frog under it, you win and you can continue the magic game. The passage of the game "Om Nom: Magic" is not difficult. Just start playing and try to be attentive. Feel like a real wizard when you manage to guess where the frog is hiding. If you make a mistake, you will lose one game life. But don't get upset. Evil mood and irritation will not help you guess. If you make a mistake three times, the game is over. Then decide for yourself: close the page or restart the process. If you choose the second option, everything will start again.

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