Cut The Rope

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The exciting game "Om-Num" is a new part of the well-known series "Cut the Rope". The main character is a funny green monster who loves sweets very much. The player's task is to feed the cutie with bright candies. The game consists of a large number of interesting levels, on each of which you need to cope with the main task: to make the monster swallow the candy. To do this, you need to cut the rope on which the candy is suspended so that it gets into the character's mouth. If the lollipop falls directly into the mouth of Om-Nyam, the level will be considered passed, and a new, more difficult one will open. Also, when you play Om Nom online for free, do not be lazy to collect stars. There are exactly three of them on each level. This will allow you to earn more reward points and have even more fun playing the game. Do not forget to use additional features of the Om Nom online puzzle during your adventures. For example, a soap bubble will help change the trajectory of the lollipop. If the candy is in the bubble, it will begin to rise to the top. At the right moment, you can burst it, and the lollipop will fly down again. There are many other add-ons that are activated as you progress through the game.

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