Duals io

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Incredibly colorful, with 3D rendering online action "Tactics Core" will take you into the cruel world of space battles and interplanetary wars. As part of a large team, you will land on an exoplanet that is strikingly reminiscent of Earth. Your main task is to protect your base and destroy the enemy one. But be careful, opponents are also on the alert. Playing Tactics Core is fun and easy. At the beginning, your team receives a certain amount of resources. When one of the units is killed, the base will restore it at the expense of them. If the stock indicator drops to zero, the command post will become vulnerable, and the enemy can easily destroy it. You can make up for the lack of resources by killing enemy ships in the io universe. As the level increases, each player will be able to get more advanced weapons. You can control the movement of fighters with arrows, and shoot with the left mouse button.

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