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An educational game for children 2 years old, which is available to play online for free, will offer a large collection of didactic entertainment for the sensory education of toddlers. In the collection you will find educational exercises for children to study shapes and forms, as well as fun puzzles. All games for a child of 2 years old for the development of sensory skills are distinguished by high-quality graphics, simple and understandable gameplay, and will be of interest to boys and girls. Thanks to the html5 format, you can play educational fun on mobile gadgets running on Android and other operating systems. In the first section of the children's game, parents will be able to conduct classes with their children, aged 2 years, on mastering geometric shapes. In the center of the playing field, the shadows of the figures are depicted. Below in a row are colored triangles, circles, squares. Two-year-old children need to determine what shape the figure corresponds to and move it to the appropriate place. Further, children's educational games for 2 years are invited to excel in the ability to guess animals by outlines. Kids need to correctly move the faces of a bunny, elephant, panda on their shadows. In the third mode of online games, young children who are 2 years old are waiting for educational puzzles with kind and colorful pictures. Kids need to transfer 6 fragments to the background image to complete the puzzle.

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