Elite Ghost Sniper

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The exciting game Sniper 2 will capture your attention for a long time. Excitement, intrigue, adventure and, of course, the most sophisticated optical technology are waiting for you. Do you dream of immersing yourself in the world of espionage passions, conspiracies, military coups and every second danger? Sniper 2 is a game that guarantees you all of the above in abundance. As if by magic, the Sniper 2 game will take you to the distant 1944. The game Sniper 2 will give you the opportunity to contribute to the end of World War II. Ready to serve for the benefit of establishing world peace? Then go ahead, download the game, learn the rules and get down to business. We study the disposition It is June 1944 in the yard. World War II is coming to an end. True, you and I know about this, but its participants have not even guessed yet. Allied forces during this period were preoccupied with the preparation, organization and successful implementation of the Cobra option – a bold plan to transfer part of the troops to Normandy. Hardened by numerous battles, detachments of the British Commandos led the attack on the German army, the first to rush to the attack. The protagonist of the game (and the character that you have to control), as well as other members of his unit, is at the epicenter of events – on the very front line. They are like the edge of an allied sword, striking terror into the hearts of the Nazi invaders. The mission is as honorable as it is difficult and dangerous. To die in this meat grinder is a matter of a few seconds, but to get out of it as a winner is a task worthy of an experienced military man. We hope that you will prove yourself as a real pro, triumphantly complete all levels and become the recognized winner of the Sniper 2 game. Or at least try to do it. Game Sniper 2: Basic Rules Your first combat mission is to find and destroy all enemy soldiers and officers as quickly as possible. The mission will be considered completed only when none of them are alive. At each level, the number and type of your "targets" will change. Naturally, the initial stages of the game will be much easier following them. In addition, keep in mind that you have limited time to conduct a military operation. The white indicator at the top of the game screen will show how much of it you have already used up and how much you still have in stock. Do not forget to pay attention to him in the excitement of the fight, otherwise you will not be able to correctly calculate the forces and have time to complete the task to the end. Under the white indicator is exactly the same changing indicator strip, but already red. It tells you how far away enemies are from you. Kill them all before they get to you. Depending on whether you are approaching the goal or moving away from it, the indicators of the indicator will change. Use the buttons with the letters L, M and B to open fire on the enemy, and the space bar for more precise aiming at the target. You can also use the spacebar to temporarily stop the game (pause). Click on the letter "M" when you want to check your game status, mission level and if the goals have changed. Since in the course of the task you will gradually destroy enemy objects, the initial task may also be slightly adjusted. Interesting "chips" First of all, the game Sniper 2 draws attention to itself with amazing graphics. She so realistically conveys the surrounding reality and the tension reigning during the military operation that for some time you forget that you are sitting at home, in your favorite chair and in complete safety. It begins to seem that you are really there: in the middle of Europe groaning from shells, in the difficult, full of deaths and dangers, July 44th, that an enemy can hide around every corner, and even a random shadow on the ground can turn into a real threat. The game captivates and fascinates so much that you forget about everything in the world. Indeed, the developers have done their best. In addition, this is an excellent simulator of attentiveness, accuracy and the ability to concentrate on achieving the goal.

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